New home

The new website is now live! With lots of spaghetti hiding in the code and alot of features missing we can now call this our home! :)

The application feature is up and running, so if you're interested in joining Ghosts and Goblins, Feel free to send us an application.

- Aurora

Sunspire HM

With a late start, we've downed Sunspire HM.

With HM down, our Godslayer progression has officially started. Stocking up on necros and optimizing as many aspects as possible will be vital for us to climb this very steep hill!

- Aurora

Back at it

Oh shit, here we go again.

We're still alive, had a 2 week summerbreak that is now over and we're back to our normal raiding schedule again. Furthermore we are currently looking for 2 more DD's for our main raiding group to bring the number to 14. So we can always have the same solid group running. Since there almost always is someone missing, due to having connection issues etc.

Also, new website soon.

- Rei


It's been awhile, and after a couple failed attempts, we can finally say that G&G is back. Now with returning players coming back to the game and a few new faces, we will try to get back in raiding shape ASAP.

We are currently in the final stages of recruiting the last few DD's for the raidgroup. And aim towards to start raiding within 2 weeks.

- Rei






Coming Soon™